In October, VILTROX will officially release lens products and enter the lens market. Since 2014, we have gathered together

Professional research team and talents, carry out independent research and development, and after four years of unremitting efforts to break down layers of barriers, we will be with you in October.

Photography enthusiasts and fans share our results. The first shot is as follows:

PFU RBMH 20MM F1.8 ASPH ( E-Mount )

PFU RBMH 20MM F1.8 ASPH is a large aperture wide-angle prime lens of Sony E-mount,

suitable for shooting of extension of space, scenery, architecture and street. Manual adjustment

of lens aperture controls the exposure to a degree of tightness while smooth rotation adjustment

of focus ring controls virtuality and reality.It also provides comfortable hand feeling of operation

when using manual focus.

PFU RBMH 85MM F1.8 (FE-Mount)

PFU RBMH 85MM F1.8 is a Sony E-mount standard prime lens for portrait, also the first released

product among the three lenses. It features not only the operationality of a manual lens but also the

automatic iris recognition function of an AF lens, which greatly alleviate the pressure of moving an

AF lens to a MF lens for photography beginners,making twice the result with half the effort on the

way of creation.

PFU RBMH 85MM F1.8 STM (FX-Mount)

PFU RBMH 85MM F1.8 STM (X-Mount) is an AF portrait lens for Fujifilm X-mount cameras .

We do believe this is undoubtedly wonderful news to Fuji camera enthusiasts

considering there are no other third-party Fuji 85mm f1.8 AF lenses in the market so far. The F1.8

large aperture gives a unique soft effect to your shooting image. And the good optical performance

is achieved by the specialized 10 elements in 7 groups including one ED lens and four short-wavelength

and high-transparency lens elements. It also features high-definition nano multi-layer coating,

antifouling coating and waterproof front lens, electronic aperture and auto focus.