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QooCam, the only camera with 3 single lenses in the world that can shoot both 4K 360 degrees and 3D 180 degrees in the same The best for 360 degree cameras in this era

KanDao Qoocam 360
Your personal photographer
Qoocam is a 4K resolution camera and 4K action camera which supports all angle imaging technology and image stabilization systems. You can position this 4K digital camera at every angle and record high-resolution 4K 360 VR images and videos.

the world’s first 360-degree portable camera, 8K video recording

Intelligent Tracking & Auto-focus
Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Kandao Meeting’s video conferencing systems automatically focuses on the active speaker. When there are different active speakers engaged, it will split the screen with a 360° wide angle view displayed on top and close-up shot of active speakers below. It can also dynamically recognize and follow whomever is speaking with smooth panning in “Presentation” mode.