KANDAO QooCam Camera 360 Action Camera Take 360-degree videos or capture 180-degree images at 4K resolution with intelligent systems. Tools for editing And supports stereo recording via Bluetooth via multiple channels There are many functions that are designed to support a variety of movie shooting. The camera is lightweight, easy to carry, the battery can be used for up to 3 hours.



QooCam, the only camera with 3 single lenses in the world that can shoot both 4K 360 degrees and 3D 180 degrees in the same The best for 360 degree cameras in this era

KanDao Qoocam 360
Your personal photographer
Qoocam is a 4K resolution camera and 4K action camera which supports all angle imaging technology and image stabilization systems. You can position this 4K digital camera at every angle and record high-resolution 4K 360 VR images and videos.

Innovative 2-in-1 action camera

QooCam is a unique 4K camera with 3 wide angle lenses.It uses two lenses at the front and back, is a 2D 360 camera and 180 degree action camera.QooCam, the best 4K camera, supports high definition depth and Video capture quality, image stabilization Slow motion and easy-to-use editing tools All of this helps you shoot 4K images like a pro.

KanDao Qoocam 360 A Great World at a Glance

Google Street View is ready

KanDao Qoocam 360 is GPS enabled. You can publish 360 photos directly to the Street View app with QooCam (iOS and Android). Take a picture and upload to Street View.

Model Qoocam 4K
แบรนด์ Kanda
รับประกัน 1 ปี
คุณสมบัติ Photo resolution : 4320 * 2160
Video resolution : 3840 * 1920 @ 30 fps 、 3840 * 1920 @ 60fps 、 1920 * 960 @ 100fps 、 1920 * 960 @ 120fps
Photo Format : JPG, DNG
Video Format : MP4 / MOV
Size : 30.5x25x198.5mm