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Kandao has launched a new 360 camera for conference calls, called Kandao Meeting, which enables you to capture multiple participants simultaneously.

Kandao Meeting has two lenses that each capture video at 4000 x 3000 at 25fps, then stitches the video in realtime to stream it at 1920 x 1080 at 25fps. It also has 8 omnidirectional microphones and 2 duplex speakerphones.

Using it is easy. You simply plug it to a laptop via USB and launch your streaming software. It is compatible with several of the most popular streaming software, including Webex and Zoom.



  • 【8K 3D High Resolution】8K 360 3D VR photos and videos, 8K*8K/30fps, 4K*4K/60fps, stereoscopic for all resolutions
  • 【High Dynamic Range】With built in High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor, Obsidian R produces stunning time lapse photos under virtually any lighting conditions, from low light to intense backlighting.
  • 【Optical Flow Stitching & Depth Map Output】Based on advanced optical flow & stereoscopic algorithms, KanDao Obsidian enables seamless image stitching and depth map output, therefore providing much more accurate stereo 3D 360 rendering and making it a format achievable by a larger group of 360 VR productions.
  • 【Manual Setting, Completely Control】Users have remote control of the camera through a laptop, an iPad or a phone. With real-time preview, every detail is under your control. You have the options to tweak the settings for the best effects, confident in every scenario.
  • 【Multimode Power Supply】Three ways of power supply: 2*Canon LP-E6 or compatible batteries, PoE(Power over Ethernet) and 12V external power supply.
Model Obsidian Go
แบรนด์ Kanda
รับประกัน 1 ปี
คุณสมบัติ six 220-degree lenses
aperture: f/2.0
ISO: 100 to 1600
field of view: fully spherical
six 16mp BSI CMOS sensors
photo resolution: 8K (2D or 3D)
video resolution: 4K (2D or 3D) @ 30fps
can take photos in raw DNG format
uses Canon LP-E6 batteries
depth-aware stitching software included.