KanDao QooCam 8K


the world’s first 360-degree portable camera, 8K video recording



  • When it comes to portable cameras, the 360 is becoming a trend in our home right now. We tend to look at the first GoPro Max or the Insta360 One X that created the trend last year. And not including some smartphones that can record 360-degree views, but all have limitations that can only record videos up to 4KBut in the end, Chinese manufacturer KanDao has announced the launch of the QooCam 8K 360 camera with a resolution of up to 8K, which is higher than the general 360 camera.And not only that, it also has a 2.4 inch touch screen, anti-shake, video / Still images and many other options. To say that this is “The best 360 degree camera at the moment”

    The large QooCam 8K sensor has two 1 / 1.7-inch BSI CMOS image sensors, which are 58% larger than the image sensor found on most 360-degree cameras. This helps to get better photos, high resolution videos. More, better sensitivity, reduced image noise And ready to increase light efficiency in low light

    The best video work. This camera can capture 360 degree 8K video (7680 * 3840) @ 30fps at 200Mbps, can switch slow motion mode at 4K @ 120 fps, all of this in 10-bit color and live streaming via smart. Can be smartphone Not only that, there is also a “SuperSteady” anti-shake system using sensors. IMU and 6-axis gyroscope

    The still image is awesome. In the photo mode, the camera can record files of 30 megapixels with a 360-degree view of 12-bit DNG (RAW) and a special Realtime Raw + mode where the camera will record 360-degree images in 16-bit DNG format, resulting in a wider dynamic range. And down the noise. KanDao said that the image quality is equal to the APS-C sensor.

Model QooCam 8K
แบรนด์ Kanda
รับประกัน 1 ปี
คุณสมบัติ Video (360°)
10bitPhoto (360°) 7680*3840, 12bit RAW, realtime RAW+ (16bit output)
USB Type USD Type-C Connector
WIFI 2.4G/5G, support 15M remote control
MU 6-axis IMU
Sensor 1/1.7, 20MP
Screen 2.4 inch colourful touch screen
Battery 3000mAh Li-poly, USB-PD 2.0 Fast Charge
Video Code H.264/H.265
Gyroscope 6-axis gyroscope
Audio Format PCM
Mic Built-in, Supports 3.5mm external Mic
Storage Built-in 64G EMMC, supports external TF cards (Up to 256GB)
Speaker Built in