Viltrox VL-600T

Wireless remote LED Ring light 18″ 3300K~5600K



Viltrox high-brightness LED light VL-600B/T adopts high quality SMD LED lamps which features soft light,

lower consumption and long life. The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted according to your

needs. It is suitable for light filling of varieties of scenes like outdoor and indoor shooting, portrait or wedding photography, makeup or host room lighting,etc.


Main features:

*    FSK 2.4 GHz wireless remote control system, 6 groups 19 channels grouping control;

*    Bi-color temperature system ( 3300~5600K ), digital display to

help adjust brightness and color temperature accurately

*    Dual power supply system: lithium battery/DC power supply;

*    HD LCD screen to make operation more convenient and accurate;

*    Standard equipped with remote control which can remote control

parameters of the brightness or color temperature.

Adopt HD LCD display, color temperature and brightness are adjustable. Easy operation and clear

display with very high contrast.

FSK 2.4GHz  Standard equipped with remote controller which can remote control parameters


Dual color temperature system, brightness and color temperature(3300k~5600k)

can steplessly adjusted.( Select 392 pcs of energy-saving SMD lamp beads)

1522738799326697.jpg 1522738810885680.jpg

It is suitable for light filling of varieties of scenes like outdoor and indoor shooting, portrait or

wedding photography, makeup or host room lighting,etc.

1522738844637386.jpg 1522738858913736.jpg 1522738868526020.jpg


  Model   VL-600B   VL-600T
  Color temperature   5600K±300 ( Fixed )   3300K~5600K ( adjustable )
  Brightness   20%~100% (adjustable)   20%~100% ( adjustable)
  Max. Brightness   3550 LM   3400 LM ( 4400K , 100%Full)
  Max. illuminance   2850Lux/0.5m   2500Lux/0.5m (4400K,100%Full )
  Lamp beads   392 pcs(5600K)   392 pcs (3300K+5600K)
  Power (max.)   45W
  Continue light time   ≈1.5h (100%Full , NP-F960 , 4800 mAh )
  Group   6 Groups ( A , B ,  C , D , E , F )
  Channel   1~19
  Color rendering index   ≥ 95 (RA)
  DC adapter Interface   DC18V/3.5A , Ф5.5-2.5mm
  Lithium battery   Li-battery NP-F550 / F570 / F960 / F970 series
  Dimension   552 × 450 × 54mm  (Inside/Outside Diameter : 300mm/450mm )
  Weight   ≈1260 g  ( exclude batteries )
  Standard Accessory   LED light *1   Remote controller *1   Manual *1

DC adapter *1 ( AC100-240V~50/60Hz  , DC18V/3.5A , Ф5.5-2.5mm )