Viltrox C-AF 2x

Magnification Teleconverter Extender Auto Focus Mount Lens for Canon EOS Ef Lens



Viltrox  C-AF 2X TELEPLUS is made of high-quality coated optical glass with optical design. It can make

the focal length of all the Canon EF lens increased to 2 times as respectively, and the auto-focus function

of the original camera lens can be used perfectly, and does not change the Exif information.

C-AF 2X TELEPLUS specifically use for 100mm or more fixed focal length lens, such as 300mm f / 2.8 lens,

and 200- 500mm long lens perfect combination, can be used for fixed focus lens and a telephoto lens, but is

not recommended for use in less than 60mm of short-focus lens.



  Mount type   Canon EF-Mount lens
  Magnification   2 times
  Depth of Field   Half of the original lens
  Min stacking focal length   Equal to the original lens
  Constitution of the lens   7glasses, 4 groups
  Focus mode   Full auto focus
  Lens Coating   Multi-coated
  Exposure factor   Approx. 4 times ( equal to 2 aperture )
  Diameter and length   Approx. 68×51MM
  Weight   Approx. 154g
  Front cover   Camera cover
  Rear cover   Lens dust cover