Viltrox DG-C

Automatic Extension Tube Set Canon (Auto-Focus)



(12mm+ 20mm+ 36mm)auto extension tube can be mounted on the camera body between 35mm lens.

One set of  auto extenstion tube is composed by 3 different ring,can be used alone or combined,

which can achieve 7different kind of magnification and work perfectly with camera’s auto focus.

These extension tube can be compatible with camera TTL flash and AE mode but cant compose with

AE set of flash.All the internal contact pins and pads are electroplated in industrial gold ensuring greatest

conductivity and fastest auto focusing on long lens.



*   Can be used alone or combined,which can achieve 7 different kind of magnification and work

perfectly with camera’s auto focus.

*   Pure cupper pin,perfect match.Metal interface,AF,better transmission

*   Can be used alone or combined,perfectly with camera’s auto focus.



Adopt three tubes (12mm+ 20mm+ 36mm)

to compose alone or combined to achieve

7 different magnification ,

work perfectly in auto focus.



It can auto focus and compatible with

camera TTL, AE mode. The mount

adopt high strength aluminium alloy.


 Model  DG-C Automatic Extension Tube Set
 Weight  152g
 Dimensions (W×H×D)  69×69×95mm
 Size  12mm,20mm,36mm
 Material  Quality plastics
 Compatible camera  Canon DSLR / Mirrorless camera series
 Compatible lens  Canon EF /EF-S Series lens
 Included Items  Extension Tube *1, Manual *1